Welcome to the Mine Intelligence Research Group (MIRG)

Information technology (IT) has become ubiquitous in most industrial sectors, including mining. Increasingly more sensors, GPS tracking tools, and other bits of data are being collected from mining and processing activities. This large volume of data is of little value unless concentrated into applicable information, delivered to users in a highly effective manner, from which they can build a knowledge base of the situation, then act to correct a deficiency or exploit an opportunity. Therefore research at the Mine Intelligence Research Group (MIRG) involves information engineering (database design), data mining, business process improvement, mining engineering, and change management. 

MIRG has become the only group of research laboratories in the mining industry focused on IT and its applied use in mining. The teams of highly experienced researchers develop and implement products into mines and have even patented research output. MIRG have undertaken contract research (both consulting and product development) for mining companies and government agencies, as well as undertaken complex multi-year research initiatives for some of the largest multi-national mining companies in both hard and soft-rock, as well as both surface and underground. 

Developing IT and system control tools is a critical step toward mine automation.  MIRG team members have deep work and consulting experience in both the technical and project management aspects of mine automation.

Dr. Sean Dessureault is the founder and past-director of MIRG.
Dr. Victor Tenorio is the current Director of MIRG.
Mine Intelligence Integrated Operations Center (MIIOC)




Gamifying Blue Collar Work | Sean Dessureault, PhD | TEDxTucson

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